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Now I know I'm not married yet and shouldn't be posting my dress but only you guys can see this and all that matters is that my fiancé doesn't and of course he's not on here so we're good😀 I HAD to post this because back in December I tried on a bigger size and couldn't even zip it up. The left photo I am down 30lbs and the dress fit me in the size I got. I got the dress smaller giving me a reason to get back in shape and now it really is awesome because I'm closer to being ready for my wedding! Since adding the corset they made it a little tighter knowing I'm still loosing 20 more lbs before my big day! Woohoo!!! #thompsonwedding #futuremrs #halloweenwedding #vegaswedding #ariaresortandcasinowedding
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Your dreams can come true! Started my journey about 7 years ago at 325 and now about 155. If you dream big and be consistent you can achieve your goals. I started a fitness blog to help others on their journey. I had nobody when I started and think that it is very important to speak your feelings and frustrations. Please follow my fitness blog for daily post; https://www.facebook.com/Misspinkdreambig
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Up to the final week of my 12wbt and I'm completely and utterly disgusted with myself. I got no where near what I wanted to get and I don't look any different. I'm such a failure
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One year. 365 days of frustration and courage. To date, I have lost 85 lbs. I'm in the best shape of my life. And even when things seem impossible, I know that if I set my mind to it, I will achieve it. About 60 more pounds to go. I've got this.
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Never been so tiny and so happy in my entire life. 45 pounds down 😁💪🏼
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I see a bit of a difference, but I still have the stomach, unfortunately. I need to lose those last 12 pounds before Hawaii. I must.
It seems like everyday there is some occasion that leads to bad food choices, somebody's birthday, somebody's anniversary, going out to eat. Ugh! So much food. Finally I said enough is enough yesterday and accepted a piece of cake only if my husband ate the rest after I had 2 small bites. So proud of myself for being mindful. Baby steps.
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I've been on weilos almost a year now and I can say with complete confidence that it has changed my life. Inspiring and being inspired by others has made this change of lifestyle journey so much easier. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a quick change. There were plenty of upsets along the way, but being able to come on this app to look for inspiration is one of the big things that has kept me going! My journey isn't over yet, but my 200 club membership has been revoked and I do not plan on re-instating anytime soon. Happy to be back in wonderland! Have a great day everyone, don't miss out on an opportunity to be better today, little victories add up to big successes! 💜 Michelle
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So excited! Working hard!
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