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Thankful to GOD for his amazing blessings, mostly an awesome husband who will support me, love me, and stand by my side thru everything!
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A new hair cut to go with a new life style change. EXCITED!!! 😁💪💪💪😁
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Heading to the gym with my husband! So thankful for a supportive husband!
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I don't have very many before pictures, but I'm sure I will have lots of after pictures 👍 hard work and dedication pays off !!
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I've been feeling very discouraged lately as to why I'm not at goal yet. I just need to remind myself that I've come so far and am so much happier and healthier now!
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When I bought my dress I couldn't zip it. 4 months later it fits perfectly. 16 days until I say I do!
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Rocking my last day in the twenties today with camo and a none scale victory!Bought these pants about 1 month and a half ago, size 6 and put them on this morning and wow I got space ;). Good bye forever 325 pound girl and hello to the new me! Took me 7 years but so damn proud today! ;-)
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I DID IT. I hit my gaol weight of 138 lbs and a total of 50 lbs lost! I can't even contain my excitement and happiness. Everything I've worked so hard and long to accomplish and it feels amazing. Thank you everyone and this app for the ongoing support and motivation! Not stoping here on keeping a healthy life and getting toned.💪🏼✨❤️
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Sooo... I mentioned I had backtracked slightly. Here is my current before and IN PROGRESS. 30 pounds. Now time to finish her off. Who's with me?
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NSV... Today I am wearing jeans for the first time in several years!! 😀😀😀
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