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Same outfit, completely different body! I was wearing a size 17 shirts and a maternity tank top.🙈 I'm now in an almost size 6 and a medium tank top. Also, I was trying to do the same pose but if I took my hand off the pants they wouldn't stay up!
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feels amazing. less than a year still!
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Left-225 lbs 2012 Right-185lbs yesterday Still workin on my goal of 150lbs. Slow and steady. #facetofacefriday
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I didn't want to post a progress picture until I was well into my weight loss journey, so here it is! :) The first picture is from June of last year. I'm not at the end of my journey, but I am physically and mentally so far from where I began and it feels so great. To anyone just beginning a weight loss/fitness journey: take "before" pictures, measurements, and weight! I am so glad I have them now. It was so difficult to get in front of my mirror feeling my worst, but they are incredibly rewarding to look back on. To those of you who are already on your journey: keep pushing. Consistency is the key. Step away from the scale and know that by eating well and exercising, you are doing everything you can for your body to work at its best. You are capable of progress and change, and with time and dedication you will achieve all of your goals. Have a great day everyone :)
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I'm going to cancun for the first time in 3 weeks! This is the first bikini o have purchased since my kids were born. I only wore tankinis or one pieces- feels good! I feel comfortable!
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God is within her, she will not fall. -Psalm 46:5
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Chicken caesar 😍 #dinner
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I don't care how unflattering this picture may be, when I feel strong I feel beautiful. If you can't deal with my squat face, you don't deserve my luscious back side.
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108 pounds down and still going... Change your perspective, change your diet, add exercise. No secrets
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