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Apparently, I have a messy room problem haha! Don't mind the date on the "before" pic, that isn't correct! Sometimes I get down on myself for not being as strict, but then I see these before and after pics, and I get super excited/motivated! I wish I had a picture from when I was at my heaviest, but unfortunately I can't seem to find one. Thanks Weilos fam for always inspiring me to be a better me everyday!
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The difference of 20 pounds. Oh yes, I'm proud. You can't see it, but I'm smiling in the first photo. I had already lost 7 pounds and I was so proud of myself. I am now down 27 pounds and still going strong! I am proud of my body in both pictures and I love myself right now just as I did in the "before" picture. I loved myself first and everything else followed. I made better choices such as eating more veggies and fruits, cooking more, eating mindfully, cutting back on sugar, stop binging, and moving more. I workout 4-6x a week for 20-60 mins. I weightlift, run, do kickboxing, do crossfit (just started), and jump on the elliptical from time to time.
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Still a way to go but getting there....!!!!
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Update on my weightloss :) have been sticking to paleo a majority of the time but not being to hard on myself if I get off track, it's hard to stick to specific foods when the people around you have different diets than you but i'm trying my best and my boyfriend is definitely a big help. It's been over 2 months since I started paleo and so far I am happy with my results. Even starting to get comments from other people saying how I look like I've lost weight :)
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Omg if 3 years Before You had told me that one day I'll feel beautiful again, I'd just laugh, walked away ans cry at my home eating chips and popcorn. Now, I feel beautiful again.😘😍
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I think Im ready for my baby to born now. Im proud of myself for not letting myself go this time. Ive gained 25lbs which is half of what I gained with my first pregnancy! Thx for Weilos app and ppl here who kept me motivated!! #9monthspregnant
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From May 31, 2014 to present! I can't believe it myself!!! Everyday is still a challenge, some days more than others. No crazy pills, supplements, wraps, ect. Only hard work and dedication. Solid nutrition and getting in at least 4-6 hours of activity per week! Dreams don't work unless you do. #bringingsexyback
My dad bought creme cheese cake, it looks good...so I took it, and was going to eat a slice, then my phone vibrated...it was from this app, it said "you have a new buddy", so I put the cake back, and I went to do my 21 days fix workout.
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I must say to see where I started all the way to now. I feel incredible
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