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I've finally made it out of 200 !!!!!! This isn't the first time but this is the first time I'm determined to not go back over 200 !!!!! Next goal 180 by my one year anniversary with my boyfriend May 23rd ❤️🙌🏽😊😁 I'm so happy 🎉
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I am pretty sure I've never posted this before photo on here. It was at a time in my life when I was absolutely fed up with the way I was living my life. It's very blurry but it's important to me because this is when I started making teeny tiny little changes in my life. It's been two years now. I was in a size 20 jeans then. I am currently in a size 8!!! After 2 years and over 100 pounds lost I'm still failing. I still fall off the wagon. The most important thing is to never give up. You are allowed to make mistakes and take breaks, but you can't quit!!
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Every single time! I usually break it down by how many songs it will take too lol
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When your craving a doughnut 🍩🍩🍩 but you choose this instead. #WINNING
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Exactly 3 months down-40 pounds! Feeling so much better. Still have a long way to go!!
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<July "15" to >Yesterday.. I have been feeling a bit depressed these past few days about a few things, but especially because I have been working hard trying to lose weight. However, when I get on the scale I don't see much results at all. It makes me so upset to the point, I just want to cry. BUT people always tell me that inches make a huge difference as well. So I went through old photos.... & noticed the picture on the left I was a little heavier. I can definitely see it in my face. This weight loss journey is no joke and we expect to lose it so fast. When in reality it is a lengthy process that's all worth it in the end. I have to realize that small change is better than no change. Prayers for me please. Love you all ❤️ #Nicosjourney
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And with no hang over muffin!!!! Yay! #smallvictories
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You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't ever stop until you reach your goals. T minus 40+lbs and counting. Happy Tuesday!
Fell off the wagon... Divorce done Sold house Moving on Purchasing another home But I'm back...started yesterday.
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Healthy ice cream full of proton, nutrients, and vitamins!! Off and did I mention the fact that it tastes AMAZING!!! 25 likes and I'll share my recipe! And GO!!👍🏻
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