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Results update 😊
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19 weeks later
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Some times whenI feel that I'm falling off the wagon I need to remind my self how far I have made it.
That moment when the jeans you couldn't even fit in when you started weight loss are now falling off on you! 🙌👌🏋💪🙌
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When you feel like your face still looks chubby but you look back at old pics and you can see progress! #littlebylittle
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I haven't seen a 1 in front of my weight in years!
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Ok, so I know it's only for a hot second because tomorrow is turkey day & because when I weigh in at #WeightWatchers they prefer I wear clothes, but still...lowest weight yet & out of the 280's for the first time. The 280's have seemed to last FOREVER to me. They've been like the 1980's with better politics and less hairspray (not that I remember a lot about the 1980's, being a kid, but didn't they seem to drag on forever?). Anyway, there it is. Day before Thanksgiving & I get one more thing to be thankful for (it's a good thing we have one day a year to get all of that gratefulness over with). Happy day before Thanksgiving y'all! #FatToFit
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Picture on the left--October 10th. Picture on the right--today. I am seeing progress! I've always been too intimated to start lifting weights but gave it a go. Had no idea what I was doing when I started but it looks like I am doing something right. Summer bodies are made in the winter! 👍🏻😀💪🏻
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Sooner or later I will reach my goals, until then...progress. I just finished #bodybeast by #beachbody. I gained almost 20lbs when the baby came but lost about 13 of it with body beast but my arms and thighs grew while my chest, belly and hips all went down about an inch. #loveliftingweights next up #21dayfix between the holidays. Want to do it with me let me know. Always looking for new peeps to virtually workout with! #virtualgym This pic on the right is when I first started and the left is Saturday.
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