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Here it is.. Proof of the work, dedication, sweat and tears. To all the times I thought I couldn't do it.. For every time I gave up.. For every mile I've ran.. Every weight I've lifted.. Every struggle with food and drink... For all the emotional struggles... I did it... I will continue to do it... I will practice what I preach.. I will appreciate this journey, even when I'm disappointed... I will stay strong.. I will be a inspiration..., I will continue to be a work in progress.. I will be grateful for everything.. I will take the credit and be proud of ME. It's been a long journey.. But I love it. I've learned.. And continue to learn. As I get ready to run my third half marathon in less then a year... My progress overwhelms me... I'm blessed and lucky.. Can't wait to continue this life long journey. What will you do to support and continue your journey??? #FitBride #WhoIsThat #MilesOnMiles
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So proud of myself!
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-40 lbs!!
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Oh I'm so close!! I know I can do this!! 136 is the maximum for 5'2" healthy weight and to be honest I'm a little under 5'2" lol
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Today I made my goal weight !!!!! I am so happy and excited !!! 🎊🎉🎊🎉 Now to make more goals 😄💪🏻
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I felt crap in that first pic. Absolute crap! That's what eating crap does to you physically and mentally!
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Back in the gym for three weeks, down 3 lbs. Holidays were such a setback but this is my year. I wanna lose 15lbs preferably by my birthday in June.
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From size 16 to size 6, pretty pleased with this for sure.
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