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I can't believe that this was me and now this is me now. I still have a ways to go. But I've almost lost 80 lbs and that's amazing. It's been hard that's for sure. 💪💪💪
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I'm sorry for so many selfies but i have been working so hard at this 110% and i'm proud of myself. Thanks for the ingoing support guys! Xxx
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Exactly a year apart and 104lb gone forever 💪💃
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Can't believe how far I've come in 16 months ......76lb lost and never coming back🙌🏽
Hey guys! I came up with something kind of silly, however motivating! Who wants to join me in: Accountable Hashtag Photo Week! (Featured every week!) Sunday #smilewithyoursaladsunday Sunday is salad day, whether it be for breakfast lunch or dinner, let's see a pic of your salad with this hashtag! Monday #NomeatMonday Monday is no meat day! This can be all day no meat or just any meal featuring no meat! Let's see a photo of that plate posted with this hashtag! Tuesday #Treadmilltuesday Tuesday is (you guessed it) treadmill day! Post a selfie of you on your treadmill today, or post a pic of your treadmills end results! We'd prefer to see your beautiful face, but that is optional! If you don't have a treadmill, post a pic of any cardio that you are doing (no hate) along with this hashtag! Wednesday #Wednesdayworkoutselfie On Wednesdays you may have already seen a couple sweaty selfies of me posted! Let's see a pic of you sweating out those toxins after a great workout with this hashtag! Thursday #Talkitoutthursday Thursday is especially dedicated to a short sentence or a long theory/realization during your journey that you'd like to share! This can be anything from a quote to a life story! Post this with the hashtag please! Friday #Flexfriday Friday we can post a pic of us flexing our guns! Granted we are all going to start off a little soft, who cares! We need before pics! Let's see those arms people, along with the hashtag! Saturday #shotsaturday Shot of water that is! We all need tons of water to not only flush out toxins and poisons but also to continue looking youthful, for skin to have more elasticity after losing weigh (less saggy skin) etc! Post a pic of you drinking water, or simply just of your water bottle or jug! If you'd like to post a fact with this pic of water, please do so! And of course, do not forget the hashtag!
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1 year difference 😀
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I honestly never thought I would ever have a smaller stomach again. It may not be perfect but it's a hell lot smaller and better then it was in 2013. I'm so close to getting out of the 250s which is amazing to me.
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A year ago today this was me. I was extremely sick from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome from invitro fertilization. I gained so much weight, on top of already being obese, so fast due to the hormones and fluid accumulation. In the end, I ended up not even getting pregnant. We had been trying for 3 years to no avail. When the doctor told me it didn't work, he's said the only thing that might help would be to lose weight. Then a lightbulb went off. I've been learning how to eat right and work out since November 1, and I've lost 68 pounds. I'm almost out of the overweight category and I'm 13 pounds from my goal weight. I'm plateaued and still not a mommy, but I'm focusing on getting healthier for our future babies. We're celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary tonight and I'm so happy I'm the girl on the right this year instead of the girl on the left.
ADVICE WANTED:) I want to lose 67 pounds by May 6th 2016. Thats roughly 9 months away. Im completely dead set on this goal and I want to do everything I can to make it happen. Ive lost weight and gained it back so many times in my life that I have some anxiety about this time. I dont want to give up this time and I dont want to screw it up after I get to my goal. Any diet/fitness/motivation advice?
I'm rejoining Weight Watchers tomorrow night. I'm struggling to do this myself. I'm scared of dying young or ending up with diabetes. Please if you have time think good thoughts or say a little prayer for me. I'm terrified. I'm praying for strength and a second chance at a healthier me. Hope this doesn't sound selfish.
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