For most of my life I struggled with a weight problem. I've been on so many different diets and weight loss programs and none of them ever helped. Three years ago I was given the opportunity to finally help me lose weight. I was to enroll into a weight loss program where if I completed the year long program, would be allowed to get the gastric sleeve procedure. I spent the year losing weight at my heaviest the old fashioned way with lots of exercise and a strict diet to meet my programs goal of 70 pounds. I met that goal with a whopping 82 pounds lost. Then in December 2011, I had the gastric sleeve procedure and it has forever changed my life. I have since dropped down to a 255 pounds. I went from a 5XL shirt and a 64" waist to a XL shirt and a 38" regular fit waist. I have never been happier in all my life. It was so much hard work, but with lots of will power, self determination, the support of my friends and family, I was able to achieve what so many have struggled with. I wish all the best of luck to everyone on their weight loss journey and will give as much advice as I can.